By William Joy

Juan Zaragoza was born in  Pátzcuaro Michoacán, Mexico, in 1979, a graduate of the University of Guanajuato in 2002.


Juan chose to begin his career in the fine arts as a painter.


At first his work focused more on the abstract, playing with interesting combinations of colors and geometric shapes. Next, he entered a post-pictorial abstraction period, sometimes difficult for ordinary people to understand but always intense and sharp.


Having attended almost all of his exhibitions, we have noticed his rapid evolution from a little naïve to Modern. In his studio, we have witnessed his growing expertise with oils, watercolors, composition, sculptures and most recently



Currently, many of his expressive compositions are a unique form of mixed media, depicting everyday topics such a landscapes, flowers, and animals.

Continuing to express and communicate deeply and without losing the abstract, Juan has

expanded his work in the field of figurative art,

including his horses, his Madonna’s, and his still-life’s.


As we admire his artwork, we are reminded of something Terry Fenton once said:


"They don't shout, but neither do they whisper; they don't intrude …yet they transform their surroundings as only great art can.”


And, what Pablo Picasso said in a phrase that applies to our artist:


“Art cleans out the daily dust from our soul.”


We congratulate Juan Zaragoza, who through tremendous dedication, honed his natural talent and won himself a place of recognition among other young artists in Mexico.

William Joy